The science of health care delivery; monkey pox

The science of health care delivery is one of the fastest growing programs of medical study, focusing not only on what care practitioners should provide, but how they should provide it. Some of the nation’s most respected medical schools incorporate this philosophy into their medical school curricula and offer stand-alone degrees aimed at training the next generation of healthcare administrators and medical leaders.


  • Dr Daniel Johnsonprofessor of radiology, directs the Science of Healthcare Delivery program, Mayo Clinic Arizona.
  • Dr Swapna ReddyProfessor of Health Policy and Health Disparities, Arizona State University.
  • Dr Kristin WillAssistant Dean, Associate Professor of Health Solutions, Arizona State University.
  • Greg Sproutmedical student, University of Arizona.


The rare monkeypox virus, usually confined mainly to central and western Africa, has spread in unusual ways this year and among populations that were not vulnerable in the past. Over 100 cases have been reported worldwide, including here in Florida.

Guest: Chad NielsenDirector of Accreditation and Infection Prevention, UF Health Jacksonville.