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A good dose of daily reading is necessary to clear your mind after daily commitments, to acquire knowledge and, who knows, to seek new avenues. Scientific and technological literature is abundant and can be very interesting.

NS Submarine Separate the five most famous books on the site. What if you discovered new stories? Children were not excluded either. Those who observe Children’s Day at Submarino will find an option to give gifts to the little ones.
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the universe in brief

This deluxe reprint of Stephen Hawking’s book contains detailed illustrations, photographs, and blueprints to show major discoveries in the field of theoretical physics. The author reveals complex topics through everyday concepts and ideas, such as inflation, playing cards, and railroads.

Characterized by the author’s sense of humor, the book provides pleasing theoretical content of astronauts swallowed by black holes, time travelers and discussions of the origin and possible end of the universe, humanity and the existence of life in other galaxies.

The universe at a glance (Photo: Disclosure)

About the date and time

In this book, Stephen Hawking guides the reader in an attempt to clarify humanity’s greatest doubts. What is the origin of the universe? Is it infinite? And the atmosphere? Are there other dimensions than the three spatial dimensions? What will happen when this is all over? Was there a start? Will there be an end?

The book features creative illustrations, clear text, and Hawking’s good sense of humor, which reveals everything from the mysteries of particles to the dynamics that drive all galaxies. Complex concepts of physics can complement the study of those who are already new to the subject or introduce the secrets of the universe to those who do not yet know the subject.

A brief history of time (Image: Advertisement)

A brief history of time (Image: Advertisement)


The book, written by Carl Sagan, covers 14 billion years of cosmic evolution and explores topics such as the origin of life, the human brain, Egyptian hieroglyphics, space missions, the death of the Sun and the evolution of galaxies. The author reveals the secrets of planet Earth, mixing scientific subjects with traditional fields such as history, anthropology, art and philosophy.

“Cosmos” was first published in 1980 and compiles some of the most advanced knowledge of the time about nature, life, and the universe. Despite its 40-year completion, the book will still remain relevant today, as it deals with humanity’s fascination with the knowledge and practice of science as a cultural activity.

Cosmos (Photo: Disclosure)

Cosmos (Photo: Disclosure)

The secret life of trees

German forest engineer Peter Wohlleben combines his 20 years of experience with the latest scientific findings to examine the daily life of trees. In his work, he highlighted the similarities between these wonderful organisms and humans, such as the ability to communicate, care for, and even the family nuclei that trees can form.

The book became a phenomenon in Germany and made it to the New York Times bestseller list, with rights circulating in 18 countries.

The Secret Life of Trees (Image: Advertisement)

The Secret Life of Trees (Image: Advertisement)

The handbook of the world’s scientific ledger

The book, which has sold over a million copies worldwide, contains fun notes for children to learn about life and the universe. It’s a great way to connect toddlers with science, with high quality information and guaranteed fun, colorful and scribbled with highlighter pen and fun illustrations.

In this version, you can find thousands of things about the universe and the solar system, chemical relationships, scientific research, Newton’s laws, electricity and magnetism, the structure of the earth, cell theory, climate, evolution, fossils and much more.

The world's largest scientific book (Image: Propaganda)

The world’s largest scientific book (Image: Propaganda)

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