Wrexham MP calls for a walk-in center and visits the Urgent Primary Care Center (UPCC) in Maelor

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Posted: Mon, August 22, 2022

The Wrexham MP has called for a walk-in center in the city to relieve the hospital’s emergency department.

In July, the emergency department at Wrexham Maelor saw just 33 per cent of people over four hours in July – making it the worst in Wales

Last week the Wrexham MP visited the Urgent Primary Care Center (UPCC) at Wrexham Maelor Hospital.

Since her election in 2019, the MP has been inundated with complaints from constituents fighting over access to healthcare.

The worst examples include waits of over 15 hours to be seen in Maelor’s emergency room and constituents turning to payday loans to fund private surgeries after spending years on surgery waitlists.

In response, Sarah Atherton launched a health campaign, calling on the Welsh Government to fund improved access to healthcare and a walk-in center in Wrexham, and put doctors at the heart of decision-making.

She met with Ian Donnelly, the Wrexham Maelor’s chief executive, to review emergency care at the hospital and visit the new Urgent Primary Care Unit (UPCC).

The unit is designed to ease the pressure on the emergency department by taking direct referrals from GPs, pharmacists and 911.

Ms Atherton also heard of plans to open Plas Gororau in 2023 – an off-site unit that will be repurposed, with some off-site services on the Wrexham Maelor moving to the new facility.

This aims to free up space within the hospital campus to allow the ER to operate more efficiently, along with the establishment of a minor injury and illness unit as part of the ER.

Ms Atherton said she is pleased to hear about the establishment of the Advanced Care Practitioner Program which will hopefully enable nurses to become self-employed practitioners capable of assessing, treating and discharging patients.

A program that has been very successful in other parts of the UK.

Sarah Atherton MP said: “It was great to visit the various emergency departments including the UPCC and meet with the staff and speak to the many patients in the waiting room.

“The UPCC aims to reduce emergency department wait times and inappropriate use by patients who have no choice because they do not have access to a primary care physician.

“While there is no denying that healthcare in Wrexham still has a long way to go and the success of these programs needs to be closely monitored to ensure they are helping both patients and staff, I am pleased that BCUHB is supporting my constituents has listened ‘ concerns.

“These are steps in the right direction but time is of the essence and I will continue to work closely and constructively with health colleagues to ensure patients in Wrexham receive the healthcare they deserve.”

Ian Donnelly, MD of Maelor added: “It was great meeting Sarah last week to show her around Wrexham Maelor Hospital and to discuss the positive short and long-term plans we are developing and implementing at the site, giving us will benefit greatly from the care and experience of the patients.”

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